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We create Digital Twin technology solutions for our customers to help them design, build, and manage highly efficient, clean cities.

Cities produce 3/4 of the world's carbon emissions, and today 55% of us are living in cities, more than ever before.

Designing cleaner, more sustainable, efficient urban environments - today

Cities are major contributors to global carbon emissions. As rising temperatures continue to degrade natural habitats, permanently impacting billions of people the world over, one of our greatest challenges was developing a common platform that empowers the world’s key decision makers to make the right choices about cleaning up our cities.

The World Resource Institute, C40 Cities Climate Action Group and others have methodologies to inventory GHG emissions, but there has been no software platform able to aggregate all data sources to fight climate change, until now.

The Solution

Traditionally, in our experience, developers and planners were forced to work with hundreds of disjointed software tools; a brake on progress, efficiency, sustainability and cutting the carbon emissions that threaten our urban environment.

Our platform unites these disconnected tools and allows us to create better and more sustainable, money-saving outcomes for our clients. We are not here just to make cities smarter by improving design and asset performance; the target and the prize are even greater than that.

To do nothing about our cities, the planet’s greatest carbon producers, almost certainly condemns ourselves and our children to a world where global warming causes rising sea levels, loss of habitat, poor environmental health and well-being, and costs the world trillions of dollars’ worth of environmental damage.

Cities account for up to 76% of CO2 emissions

Today, 55% of the world’s population lives in urban areas, a proportion expected to increase to 68% by 2050

UN-Habitat has also warned: “Urban areas are major contributors to climate change, accounting for 71-76% of CO2 emissions from global final energy use, and represent high concentrations of financial, infrastructure and human assets and activities that are vulnerable to climate change impacts.”

Just 100 megacities create 18% of the greenhouse gas pumped out by all the world’s cities

Megacities such as New York, Seoul, Tokyo and London, are huge contributors to the world's greenhouse emissions, with the world's cities producing up to 76% of all global emissions.

Our Clean Cities,
Clean Future Pledge

We have launched a global ‘Clean Cities – Clean Future’ campaign to help our most polluted urban centres become carbon neutral, by donating the company’s Digital Twin platform SmartWorldPro2 to key cities, one at a time.

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