The Impact of COVID-19 on the Implementation of Digital Twins in the Global Building Industry: Perspectives from Expert Practitioners

Smart World Pro was created for the people responsible for designing, constructing, and managing complex, large-scale building projects, properties and real estate portfolios.

Users leverage our digital twin solutions to easily aggregate, query, visualize and analyze all their data in a single 3D dashboard uniquely crafted to suit their needs.

Aggregate all your data in one dashboard

A single pane of glass for your entire property, project or portfolio


Import hundreds of file formats

Upload spatial and non-spatial, static and dynamic, 2D and 3D, sensor, BIM, IoT, social data and more

Leverage digital twin solutions

Aggregate multiple disconnected software tools and data sources into a single 3D "BIM-lite" model.


Access over one billion data layers from cities across the globe

See real-time traffic data, building information, zoning, energy consumption, land use data and more

Explore your data using voice-enabled, simple language search

“Show me all the new properties around my site that are zoned commercial, over 20 stories tall, and permitted in the last 6 months.”

Analyze your data with Mapalyze

Run detailed analyses of your data - including line-of-sight, shadow and microclimate - using tools from our app store of analytics tools

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