With the Digital Twin Starter Kit for Building Owners, you can get started with a Digital Twin solution of your own in just a few weeks. The Digital Twin Starter Kit lets building owners share comprehensive property data with prospective buyers and tenants directly through their website.

The result? Prospects are able to find the information they need faster, reducing the length of the sales cycle.

Share More Property Data Than Ever Before

Let your prospects access a wealth of property and portfolio information directly on your website. 2D and 3D property photos, AR environments, drawings and plans, renderings, live video feeds and much more can be accessed with just a click.

Get to Know the Areas Surrounding Each Property

Prospects can investigate information around any of your properties, including live and historical traffic data, zoning regulations, property transaction data, building permits, county parcel records, civic monuments, IoT and sensor data, places of interest, ATMs, restaurants, schools, hospitals and more.

Ask Questions for Fast & Easy Insights

Your website visitors can ask interactive questions and search for detailed information about your properties and their neighborhoods. For example, “Show me all the buildings in this portfolio in the Chelsea District of New York City with over 40 stories built in the last 5 years."

The Digital Twin Starter Kit gives building owners a personalized digital portfolio information map of all of their properties, portfolio-wide — embedded directly in their own website.

A next-generation property information web interface, the Starter Kit replaces the 2D maps and static photos feature commonly found on property websites with an entirely new experience that's far more data rich and interactive.

As a result, building owners can quickly and easily share more data with buyers and tenants to help them with their purchasing decisions.

Ready to get started with Digital Twins?

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