The Cityzenith Difference

Cityzenith is way ahead of its competitors, and our Digital Twin platform SmartWorldPro, is fast becoming the global solution of choice for AEC companies, architects, planners, governments, building owners, property managers, infrastructure operators, systems integrators, and many more. Here’s why;

A mature, robust software for managing complexity that is easy for everyone to use

The result of nearly a decade of intense R&D involving some of the world’s best engineering talent, SmartWorldPro allows users to build, manage, and customize their own Digital Twin models in away that is easy to learn, simple to adopt and fun to use. 

Legacy BIM, CAD and GIS solutions have been designed by experts for experts. SmartWorldPro, a true, native Digital Twin solution, is designed for everyone, sporting innovative features like direct 3D/5D BIM import, intuitive 3D model creation tools and natural language search. Mapalyze, our soon-to-be released app store, provides users access to a virtually unlimited library of analytics applications, from simple to expert tools of all shapes and sizes.

A non-proprietary platform approach

We designed SmartWorldPro to be an open, interoperable platform so clients would be free to integrate any tools they wanted to. Other Digital Twin solutions are proprietary and often use a case-specific, closed-loop architecture that does not accommodate third-party systems or multiple use cases.  

In addition, many Digital Twin suppliers are either promoting managed systems integration services or BIM tools that have been partially repurposed. Compared directly to SmartWorldPro, their platforms demand constant updating and maintenance, often requiring additional customization for each new project again and again. Every add-on is an added cost.  

The Cityzenith ‘one platform/one license’ model packages a tremendous amount of value within a single license model for multiple users without requiring constant customization, allowing users to choose only the added features that they need as conveniently as choosing and downloading an app from our app store.

A lifecycle focus: from design to demolition

Digital Twins drive exponential value when leveraged across the entire lifecycle of the building asset from design and planning, through construction, operations and maintenance, and demolition. The most comprehensive Digital Twin platform of its kind, SmartWorldPro, aggregates more software tools, data and features than any other, enabling innovative use cases to be developed and implemented at every phase of the building lifecycle. The integration of downstream operational management tools at the design and planning phase helps users to better predict ultimate outcomes before anyone breaks ground.

Experience and track record

Cityzenith is actively engaged in the some of the world’s largest and most advanced Digital Twin projects: from greenfield smart cities to intelligent buildings to national rail infrastructure projects. The company brings a treasure trove of up-to-date and end-to-end knowledge to every client engagement, including new complementary ROI analysis consultancy to enhance the development of Digital Twin business cases.

Scalable and customizable

The SmartWorldPro platform-based approach allows the Cityzenith solution to scale in many ways: from a single building to an entire city, from a few integrations to dozens and hundreds, and from a handful of users to thousands. We also customize SmartWorldPro for our large-scale enterprise users. Contact us to see how we can turn “Smart World” into “Your World”!

One Team

A pioneering practitioner in the Digital Twin space for more than 10 years, Cityzenith understands that Digital Twins are all about collaboration. We’ve developed what we call our unique “One Team” approach, leveraging state-of-the-art remote collaboration technology that allows us to interact with our customers technically and creatively in real-time, no matter where they are in the world. We work collaboratively with our customers to solve problems efficiently and build innovative solutions.


A single-prism-of-glass offering unprecedented transparency in real-time

In times of crisis, Digital Twins can provide unprecedented transparency to multiple stakeholders, improving multilateral decision-making, increasing operational efficiencies, and facilitating innovation and collaboration at local, state, federal and international levels, across government agencies and businesses alike.

The coronavirus pandemic, while tragic at an epic scale, is also necessitating that people not only reconsider how they interact with each other, but also how they interact with the built environment in which they live, work, and play.
The Impact of COVID-19 on the Implementation of Digital Twins in the Global Building Industry:
Perspectives from Expert Practitioners

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