Struggling to visualize and analyze your disconnected software, tools and data services? Smart World Pro acts as a “single pane of glass” that lets you see all your data in a digital twin, from an expanded view of your entire portfolio down to a detailed view of a single room.

Smart World Pro Features

A single pane of glass for your entire property, project or portfolio

Use spatial and non-spatial, static and dynamic, 2D and 3D, sensor, BIM, IoT, social data and more

Aggregate multiple disconnected software tools and data sources into a single 3D "BIM-lite" model.

See real-time traffic data, building information, zoning, energy consumption, land use data and more

“Show me all the new properties around my site that are zoned commercial, over 20 stories tall, and permitted in the last 6 months.”

Conduct detailed analyses of your data – including line-of-sight, shadow and microclimate – using tools from our app store of analytics tools

See real-time energy data visualized in a digital twin project in New York City

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