Cityzenith CEO Michael Jansen will be speaking about how the future of Jersey can be powered by Digital Twins during Jersey TechWeek’s IoT Day on October 15, 2018.

As the hosts of the U.K. tech event explain, “Jersey TechWeek’s IoT Day will look at how the Island of Jersey could position itself in order to grasp the opportunities afforded by fourth industrial revolution. As one of the best-connected places on the planet, Jersey is in a unique position to explore the impacts of increasing digitisation on society and the economy.  A focus on data resulting from our unrivaled connectivity presents an opportunity for Jersey to build a physical, economic and social Digital Twin of the island. An island Digital Twin would enable public and private entities to combine data for scenario planning leading to more informed decision making and public consultation, as well as paving the way for future data-intensive businesses.”

During the presentation, Jansen will look at how smart cities across the globe from India to the United States are finding transformational value in Digital Twins and propose a vision for Jersey to become the world’s first Digital Twin adopting Smart Nation.

Learn more about Jersey TechWeek 2018’s IoT Day here.