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The world is building larger projects in larger numbers than at any time in history. Our planet must accommodate the equivalent of 10,000 new cities by 2050 just to keep pace with the projected population explosion.

That’s the challenge confronting architects, engineers, and construction professionals today. Yet many are forced to work with 20, 30, 50, and sometimes hundreds of different systems that don’t speak to each other, resulting in multiple disconnected data siloes. The result? Productivity declines, decisions are poorly informed, and projects get delayed or yield sub-optimal outcomes.

That’s where Digital Twin technology takes center stage. Digital Twins are virtual replicas of buildings, infrastructure and physical assets, fully interconnected with the data in and around them that optimize project performance, and help predict and visualize future outcomes.

Delivering value across multiple functional areas like maintenance, energy consumption, space utilization and traffic management, Cityzenith’s Digital Twin platform, SmartWorldPro, aggregates and analyzes information needed to design, build, and run projects at any scale. 


The world’s most advanced Digital Twin platform

Purpose-built for the AEC, Realtech, Proptech, and CRE industries, SmartWorldPro is the world’s most advanced Digital Twin platform, empowering users to import, manipulate, monitor, analyze, and correlate project and asset data in ways that could only be dreamed of before.

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SmartWorldPro’s intuitive, easy-to-use 3D visualizer provides an unparalleled “single prism of glass”, next-generation dashboard giving visibility and insight into a vast array of information and analytics across the entire lifecycle: site selection, design and planning, construction, operations, maintenance, and sales. 

The platform is designed to allow our customers to scale from a single building to a portfolio of hundreds and even thousands of buildings, ranging from just a few to a virtually limitless number of users. SmartWorldPro has the potential to support a virtually limitless number of new and diverse Digital Twin use cases. The platform also comes complete with its own SDK (software development kit), making it simple to integrate with 3rd party applications, content, and databases.  

The SmartWorldPro platform is available as both a standalone on-premise solution, as well as through an annual SaaS subscription solution. Cityzenith also provides an array of professional services this supports the delivery of a full solution, including but not limited to, 3D/4D BAM (baselines asset modeling) services, API integration, customer feature development and custom UI development.

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Cityzenith’s SmartWorldPro is in use globally across all sectors of the building industry. Clients include prominent building owners, architects, engineers, construction giants, property management firms, smart cities, airports, railways, healthcare providers, universities, and energy and utility providers.

Cityzenith also works with Digital Twin partners of all shapes and sizes, customizing SmartWorldPro to deliver rich unique features and data and tool integrations specific to the needs of individual organizations.  We are always looking to work with great partners; application developers, Digital Twin solutions providers, content providers, data services and systems integrators.


What does good look like?

Digital Twins have yielded recurring workflow and annual operational savings that range from 10% to 25% across their organizations in operational areas that include predictive maintenance, asset planning, and energy optimization.

Additionally, building owners and property managers leveraging Digital Twins see an improvement in tenant occupancy and retention of up to 15%.

Up to

in efficiency savings for enterprise-wide Digital Twin deployments.

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