Find out everything you need to know about Cityzenith's ground-breaking Urban Digital Twin platform.

SmartWorldOS™ is Cityzenith's Urban Digital Twin platform, purpose-built for the people who design, build, and run large projects, and was created to help catalyze the development of efficient, liveable zero-carbon economies around the world.

SmartWorldOS™ is our first full release of an Urban Operating System (UOS) offering a wealth of functionality and easy integrations with existing data formats and tools. Today, SmartWorldOS™ can power a building, a campus, and even an entire smart city!

We are also pleased to introduce TwinApp, our App Store of built-in analytics and new open API framework enabling integrations with 3rd party analytics and IoT tools providers.

How is SmartWorldOS™ different?

Self Service

• You can build your own twins
• Faster and cheaper than engaging other providers


• Our Digital Twin software development kit enables you to build software upon it to serve your needs
• You can build and share applications with other SmartWorldOS™ users

Realtime 4D navigation

• Runs on a video game engine

Built on open-source technology

• Made of known, tested, understandable parts
• No ‘black box’ technology – it’s transparent
Features list

What Technical Features and Functions make SmartWorldOS™ powerful?

Entity Graph
Relationships between elements in the Urban Digital Twin are expressed as a graph structure. Facilitates a myriad of use cases in the analysis and use of the Digital Twin.
Automated Data processing
Standard processors for making the most of your uploaded files and datasets. Extracts and reformats BIM data automatically.
Jupyter and TwinApps
Build your own server side and client-side python apps to automate tasks, analyze your Urban Digital Twin and produce your own data products to help inform your decision making.
Our Technology Partners
A network of service providers who can offer products and services through SmartWorldOS™, for example energy analysis, traffic flow, contact tracing etc.

Features & Functions

Anatomy of a SmartWorldOS™ Urban Digital Twin
- Asset types and integrations
- Geometry and model conversion
- 3D scans
- Dashboards and links
- Documents and media
- Datasets
- Geospatial
- Datasets
- Live feeds
- Systems ontologies
- Integrating assets
- Asset ontologies
- Visualization
- Geospatial model processing
- Data processing
- Complex data visualization
- Roles and access control
- Password controls
- Two-step authentication
- Event transparency and logging
- Country, state, county, agricultural land
- Cities and neighborhoods
- Buildings and rooms
- Moving assets (people, cars)
- Terrestrial assets
Deployment and Stack
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