5D SmartCampus™

Version 1.0 Product Overview

Leverage Your Big Data

Make Better Decisions about Your Building Assets

Cityzenith’s award-winning 5D Smart Campus software platform revolutionizes the way building professionals aggregate and analyze their Big Data to better design, build, and operate complex, multi-building project locations of any scale, anywhere in the world. Developed by the creators of Google Earth, Smart Campus’s unique 3D game-like user interface and simple drag & drop functionality make it easy for users to consolidate all their project data for both existing and new building assets in a single digital platform, bridging the data gap from design to operations unlike any other tool in the market today.

With Smart Campus, building owners and campus operators are afforded the competitive advantage of being able to re-use and re-purpose their existing sunk investments in BIM, 3D models, CAD, GIS, Smart Building, CRE and other asset management technology tools and databases, generating new financial returns to the top and bottom line in areas that range from design to operations to sales & leasing.

  • Increases operational efficiency
  • Improves transparency and decision making
  • Transforms information sharing among team members
  • Enhances sales and marketing success, and
  • Reduces dependence on existing legacy software tools

From BIM to CIM

Campus Information Modeling

What is a Smart Campus model?

A CIM or Campus Information Model is a fully-integrated, semantically-enabled, 3D digital model of a campus that gives users unprecedented access to building and project data within and beyond their properties. CIMs are file format-agnostic and capture any type of asset, project, or urban data—static and dynamic, spatial (3D/BIM/IoT) and non-spatial—from buildings (BMS/EMS/FM), to roads and public spaces (Open Data), to smart streetlights (sensors), to people (Social Media).


Smart Campus (CIM) models are used by architects, engineers, construction logistics professionals, urban designers, building owners, real estate agents, and property managers during the design, construction, marketing, and operations and maintenance phases of building and campus ownership.

With Smart Campus, users are able to:

Aggregate Building Asset and Operational Data

Spatial (BIM, IOT) and non-spatial (energy, security, facilities)—from existing distributed IT architectures, campus/portfolio-wide, quickly and easily.

Visualize Data

At an enterprise / portfolio / building level for technical and non-technical stakeholders in a single interface.

Just Asq

Run repeatable complex queries to quickly find any piece of information portfolio-wide in a few clicks.

Stay Informed

Develop and implement custom analytics and dashboards leveraging contextual project and site data (assess ROI, optimize site selection, mitigate investment risk, streamline building management, create better tenant and resident community experience)
(coming soon)

Data for Everyone

Develop and deploy custom tenant and resident-facing Smart Campus mobile solutions.
(coming soon)

... all in real time.

The Challenge for Building Owners:

Lots of Data, and Little Actionable Intelligence

Fundamentally existing CRE tools are not designed to re-use project information

John Kizior Global Project Technologies Director, AECOM

One Platform, and an Endlessly Customizable Suite of Analytics Tools

The 5D Smart World platform features a suite of 6 major feature tools.


Our drag and drop converter tool InstaBIM allows users to drag and drop their 3D BIM\CAD\GIS models straight off the desktop seamlessly into rich 5D Smart City models to optimize design, planning and building operational functions.

5D Smart City

5D Smart City models are hyper-connected to hundreds of dynamic data sources—public Open Data, IoT\sensor data, project data, CAFM data and many more.


Users leverage Warp, our data normalization tool, to populate our models with the most complex data sets.


The path to data and analytics is through a Wolfram Alpha-like simple Q&A interface, Asq, allows users to find and analyze almost any piece of spatial or non-spatial information by keying in just a few words.

Coming soon, enterprise users will have access to a customizable suite of analytics tools.


Our on-line palette of massing and analytics tools complements InstaBIM and Warp for rapid in-situ prototyping studies and contextual analysis of any project. Our team of Urban Data Scientists provides custom predictive analytics modeling tools to customers as an additional service.


And Charrette, our next-gen take on project collaboration tool, allows users to share their work with anyone within (and without) the organization instantaneously.

5D Smart World

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