July 2018

Cityzenith Joins Stanford University’s Digital Cities Initiative

Stanford PhD Researchers to develop AI and ML applications for Smart World Pro™’s soon-to-be-released Mapalyze suite of analytics tools

CHICAGO, IL, July 10, 2018 -- Cityzenith, creators of the award-winning Smart World Pro™ universal 3D data platform for the real estate industry, announced today that the company has become a special sponsor of the Digital Cities Initiative at the Global Projects Center at Stanford University.

Stanford researchers from multiple departments will enjoy full access to Cityzenith’s SmartWorldPro™ 3D digital twin platform to build artificial intelligence and machine learning applications leveraging the platform’s over 250,000,000 data records and suite of advanced features. AI analytics developed by Stanford researchers will generate novel predictions about a wide range of urban and campus activities, from operations to resident satisfaction to real estate transactions and ROI value flows analysis, and then visualize and analyze the results intuitively in Cityzenith’s Smart World Pro 3D city model environments.

The announcement comes on the eve of the launch of the company’s Mapalyze suite of analytics tools, scheduled for release later this summer. Mapalyze is an App Store of AI, ML and other analytics tools developed by best-in-class researchers from the world’s leading companies and institutions. Mapalyze app functions include Big Data/AI/ML-driven computational analytics tools that simulate microclimate impact, and spatial tools that perform line-of-sight, shadow, and zoning analysis. Apps developed by Stanford researchers will initially focus on ROI use cases for Property Owners and Property Managers.

For more more information about how to become a Mapalyze App Developer, contact James Fee ([email protected]).

June 2018

Cityzenith to Introduce New “Digital Twin” Technology Solutions at Realcomm 2018

Cityzenith is excited to announce that it will be participating at Realcomm 2018. The event, which takes place June 6 - June 7, 2018, in Las Vegas, NV, brings together innovators in the Commercial and Corporate Real Estate industry to discuss business and technology.

Cityzenith Founder & CEO Michael Jansen will be a panelist during a session titled “Smart Buildings, DIGITAL TWIN – Visualization Takes Big Data to the Next Logical Step” on Thursday, June 7. The session will explore the benefits of Digital Twins in the smart building industry.

Jansen, an architect who founded Cityzenith in 2009, is uniquely qualified to speak to the benefits of Digital Twin technology: Cityzenith recently launched Smart World Pro, a digital twin 3D data platform, a high-performance version of the company's flagship Smart World product for Architects and Property Owners.

The "Digital Twin Data Platform of Choice" for the building industry, Smart World Pro revolutionizes the way Architects and Property Owners use public, project, and property data (spatial and non-spatial) to make better decisions during the planning, design, and operational phases of the building lifecycle, unlike any tool in the market today. For the first time, users can aggregate BIM, CAD, CRE, and GIS tools, spreadsheets, documents, IoT and BMS sensor feeds, etc., all in one universal 3D data platform that anyone can easily use. The platform also allows architects to create interactive, real-time presentations that make it easy for their clients to visualize new projects and win bids for projects.

Cityzenith is looking forward to connecting with attendees at this year’s Realcomm event. We encourage attendees to reserve time to learn more about Smart World Pro by emailing us at [email protected]

October 3rd, 2016

Realcomm: CRE & the Quest for the Rosetta Stone – The All-in-One 3D Data Platform

The Race to 'Go 3D' is On! It seems like every building owner, corporate real estate director or smart campus operator I meet these days is trying to develop a 3D data platform strategy to consolidate all of their building and project data portfolio-wide, but they just don’t know how to get there.

July 5th, 2016

Cityzenith Wins Prestigious Realcomm 2016 Digie Award for Best Tech Innovation

We are thrilled to announce that Cityzenith won the prestigious Digie Award for "Best Technology Innovation in Commercial/Corporate Real Estate of 2016" at Realcomm in San Jose this past Wednesday, June 22nd. Previous winners include: Keyhole (Google Earth), the iPad, Tridium, (Google) Android, and Yardi, and many other industry-leading disruptive technologies.


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