SmartWorldPro was developed leveraging industry-leading cybersecurity practices, making it the preferred choice for complex, secure projects around the globe. Organizations can only access their own data stored in S3 encrypted rest buckets or within an encrypted-at-rest database. Access rights to datasets, models and assets imported into SmartWorldPro are only made available to specified users within a particular project. All data is transmitted securely and stored only when necessary to optimize the client user experience. 

SmartWorldPro is hosted and replicated in AWS for robust disaster recovery, taking full advantage of AWS native security measures including DDoS mitigation, data encryption, inventory and configuration, monitoring and logging and penetration testing. 

Leveraging AWS user authentication processes for access control, the SmartWorldPro permissions structure is failsafe. Roles can be set to limit how users may interact with and manipulate information stored in the system.

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