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What are Urban Digital Twins used for? What are the benefits?

Urban Digital Twins optimize planning, operations, finance, and emissions reduction decision-making in large, complex building projects and assets unlike anything on the market. Users benefit from substantial cost savings, productivity gains, and carbon emission reduction—organization-wide.

How do you measure the value of an Urban Digital Twin for your business?

Urban Digital Twins have four significant value propositions within the built environment.

They optimize -
1. building maintenance and operations,
2. environmental impact and sustainability,
3. health and wellness,
4. and people improvement/tenant behavior change


Increase in building maintenance and operational efficiency


Increase of sustainability and resilience


Increase in productivity


Increase in space utilization

Who is using Urban Digital Twins today?

Sectors deploying Urban Digital Twin technology include:

• Cities
• Districts
• Campuses
• Airports
• Manufacturing plants
• Urban Infrastructure
• Utilities
• Oil & Gas

Can I buy an Urban Digital Twin out of the box?

You don’t buy an Urban Digital Twin - you build one. Traditional BIM, CAD, GIS, EMS, BMS, and other single-point solutions offer neither the flexibility, scale, nor interoperability afforded by Urban Digital Twin technology. What’s more, 3rd party artificial intelligence and machine learning module plug-ins help Urban Digital Twin users derive extraordinary value across the entire lifecycle of their building assets, from design through operations.

Are Urban Digital Twins an engineering tool, or a business tool?

Urban Digital Twins are both, they offer users unprecedented levels of collaboration, analysis, visualization, and prediction that not only improves, but transforms how people do their work in any business. This is more than just enterprise software; organizations that implement Digital Twin strategies confirm dramatic transformation company-wide, across departments, from top to bottom.

What are Urban Digital Twins?

Urban Digital Twins are digital representations of the physical built environment in our cities, including urban transport networks, buildings, and infrastructure, connected to the data in and around them.

The built environment in cities is inefficient and a big polluter:

  • 90%

    of major construction projects run over budget
  • More than 70%

    of global carbon emissions are created by cities
  • 50-70%

    of all carbon emissions in cities are created by buildings
  • Less than 1%

    of commercial buildings in America are green

Urban Digital Twins are solving these problems.

Urban Digital Twins allow users to aggregate complex data from many sources at scale and simulate future outcomes (carbon emissions, temperatures, energy usage, pedestrian flow, traffic, financial revenue). As the world gears up to tackle climate change, we need tools like this more than ever to help us better understand, plan, predict, and execute our sustainability, social, and economic objectives as we respond in real time to a changing world around us.

What is the future of the global Digital Twin Market?

The worldwide Digital Twin market is booming:

By 2022, two-thirds of the world’s top 2000 companies will implement on Digital Twin technology
By 2026, more than 500 cities will rely on Digital Twins for daily operations
Digital Twins will help cities save $280 billion in design and development costs over the next five years
The global Digital Twin market will grow from $3.1 billion last year to $48.2 billion by 2026
(Sources: Gartner, Forbers, ABI Research, Markets and Markets)

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