Cities produce more than 70%* of the earth’s greenhouse gases, but the use of cutting-edge data and AI can change this dramatically.

*UNHabitat -

“The world’s top 100 most-polluting cities produce 18% of global urban emissions and we will meet this challenge head-on, by going right to the biggest contributors first. As one megacity reaps the benefits, so others and governments will follow their example. What works for one will work for all. That is the beauty of SmartWorldOS."

Michael Jansen
Founder and CEO, Cityzenith

Using our AI Digital Twin platform SmartWorldOS™ we aim to drive down urban carbon emissions and deliver a 'Clean Cities - Clean Future' vision as part of the international 'Race to Zero'.

We're looking to deliver these savings to city planners, building owners and developers:

  • ⬇ 35 %

    Operating Costs
  • ⬆ 20 %

  • ⬇ 50-100%


The Clean Cities – Clean Future story so far…

Since launching our vision for more sustainable building design, we have begun working with the first 10-15 major cities.In this collaboration, we’re helping commercial building owners dramatically reduce carbon emissions and the costs of ‘Building Back Better’

Our vision for future cities

  • 2022
  • 2024
    100 CITIES AND 1000 BUILDINGS BY 2024
  • 2026
    300 CITIES AND 10,000 BUILDINGS BY 2026

We are building the SmartWorldOS community

Join us and help make cities smarter, cleaner, healthier places to live

How Urban Digital Twins energize the Race to Zero in cities

Urban Digital Twins - digital representations of the physical built environment - are changing the game when it comes to building smarter cities.

Did you know, for example, that current buildings produce 50-70% of a city’s total emissions? That all changes with the smart city infrastructure that can be attained through the use of Urban Digital Twins.

Read the full 'Clean Cities - Clean Future' presentation below. Alternatively get in touch!

Clean Cities - Clean Future FAQs

In case you missed anything.

What are Urban Digital Twins?
Digital representations of our cities, including transport networks, buildings, and infrastructure, connected to the data in and around them and:

500 major world cities will rely on Digital Twins for daily operations by 2026 (Source: Forbes)
• Urban Digital Twins are forecast to save $280 billion in city planning, development, and operating costs by 2030 (Source: ABI Research)
• The global Digital Twin market will grow from $3 billion last year to $48.2 billion by 2026 (Source: MarketandMarkets)

Driven by an Inconvenient Truth: City buildings are the world’s largest polluters
• Causing 50-70% of total city emissions and…
• 30% of global emissions
• 75%+ need retrofitting for net zero and…
• Just 100,000 (1.7%) of all us buildings are green with…
• Only 0.008% of us commercial buildings net zero rated
How can buildings achieve net zero emissions?
Step 1 — smart building/energy management tech
Step 2 — onsite renewable energy
Step 3 — buy carbon rewards/credits to offset
Step 4 — continuous monitoring
And what are the other market drivers for this?
• Decarbonization of commercial buildings is key to the US Government’s ‘Build Back Better’ drive
• Infrastructure bill spearheads Race to Zero with investment of $3.5 trillion
• America’s green building retrofit market is worth $200+ billion
How does Cityzenith &  SmartWorldOS solve these problems?
Green Building retrofits can be costly, risky, and time consuming, and there was a sea of incompatible software to navigate…

Until Cityzenith brought everything to one place SmartWorldOS™ — Cityzenith’s Urban Digital Twin Platform.

It is purpose-built for the people who design, build, and run large projects in cities:
• Property owners
• Facilities managers
• Infrastructure operators
• Energy firms
• Architects, Engineers and Planners
• Governments

We’ve created digital twins for:
• Airports
• Sea ports
• Infrastructure
• Mixed-use commercial
• Master developments
• University campuses
• Real estate portfolios
• Utilities
• Districts
• Cities

The platform’s USPs:
• Most advanced
• Most flexible and scalable
• TwinAPP community
• Backed by major industry partners

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