Cityzenith 5D Smart World

Version 1.0 Product Overview

From BIM to CIM: A Next-Generation City Information Modeling (CIM) Tool

Cityzenith’s award-winning 5D Smart World™ software platform, a next-generation City Information Modeling (CIM) tool, revolutionizes the way AEC and building professionals design, collaborate, analyze, present, and operate their Smart City and Smart Campus projects unlike any other tool in the market today.

We make user-friendly software tools that help architects and planners easily mock up, extract, analyze, and visualize city and project data in just a few clicks. Users enjoy many transformational benefits in their day-to- day workfow.

  • Dramatically improved access to contextual urban data and custom project analytics.
  • Enhanced project team and inter-offce collaboration.
  • Unprecedented evidence-based project reports to differentiate client deliverables.
  • A reduction in design time, project research, and project communication man-hours.
  • Decreased dependence on legacy software tools.

Gamifying Big Data in Cities, Buildings, and Campuses

Developed by the original creators of Google Earth™ and already attracting the monikers “SimCity™ for Real Cities” and "Minecraft™ for Architects", 5D Smart World™ is home to an innovative video game-like, format-agnostic 3D model environment, making it easy for users to navigate their way to, import, consolidate, analyze, and report any information from almost any tool—from data about a single building project to data about thousands of building projects from any source, public or private—anywhere in the world in real-time. Whether your project is in Chicago, London, Doha, or Mumbai, we are there with you—and in over 100 cities in 12 countries around the world. Our city models are used by both commercial and government entities globally and are connected to hundreds of open data and premium paid commercial data services, dynamically curated via public and private APIs.

Keeping it Simple: The Smart City & Smart Campus Big Data Aggregator & Analytics Platform of Choice

Striving to make the complex simple is what we do in the engineering lab every day, and we make sure the 5D Smart World™ User Experience (UX) is as simple and fun as it is bold and disruptive. Unlike most machine-heavy AEC and GIS tools, we are a lightweight, state-of-the-art, feature-rich web application that runs directly in your Chrome browser, combining an easy-to-use, interactive 3D geospatial GUI powered by a high-performance earth model game engine with advanced search and analytics capabilities. Users go on-line to access 5D Smart World™ and point, click, tap, and swipe their way through its full library of content and functionality anytime 24 x 7, from anywhere in the world, with absolutely no disruption to project workflow.

Visualize, Analyze, Collaborate

One Platform and a Customizable Suite of Analytics. The 5D Smart World platform plays host to a suite of 6 major tools:

5D Smart City

5D Smart City models are hyper-connected to hundreds of dynamic data sources—public Open Data, loT\sensor data, project data, CAFM data.

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Our drag and drop converter tool, InstaBIM, allows users to drag and drop their 3D BIM\CAD\GIS models straight off the desktop seamlessly into rich 5D Smart City models to optimize design, planning and building operational functions.

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Users leverage Warp, our data normalization tool, to populate our models with the most complex data sets.

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Mapalyze, our on-line palette of massing and analytics tools complements InstaBIM and Warp for rapid in-situ prototyping studies and contextual analysis of any project. Our team of Urban Data Scientists provides custom predictive analytics modeling tools to customers as an additional service.

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The path to data and analytics is through a Wolfram Alpha™-like simple Q&A interface, AsQ, allows users to find and analyze almost any piece of spatial or non-spatial information by keying in just a few words.

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Our next-gen take on a project collaboration tool, allows users to share their work with anyone within (and without) the organization instantaneously.

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5D Smart City™

Cityzenith’s curated and powerful collection of city data sources.

Comprehensive access contextual to project data and city data services, open and private, from a single software.

This comprehensive aggregation of datasets provides extensive contextual information for almost any buliding project for over 100 cities in 12 countries. 5D Smart City layers include:

  • Curated open data and services
  • 3D Buildings and other infrastructure layers
  • Satellite Imagery
  • Road networks and traffic
  • Weather
  • Premium IoT services

We curate and normalize data layers to ensure that they are compatible with industry data model standards and complete. Datasets are updated at regular intervals so users always have access to the latest information.



InstaBIM is Cityzenith’s drag and drop BIM import tool.

Drag and drop BIM project models of any format using our converter tool.

Leveraging InstaBIM, users no longer need to acquire complicated and expensive software tools to convert BIM models into shareable web models that can be used by anyone.

Users are now able to stand up a whole city of BIM models in a matter of minutes entirely on their own, along with their underlying databases inside these models.

These databases then can be transformed and linked to any other layers in 5D Smart World. InstaBIM supports drag and drop for:

  • FBX
  • OBJ
  • CityGML
  • gITF
  • SketchUp
  • IFC (Coming soon)



AsQ is our Wolfram Alpha™-like Q&A project data search capability.

Wolfram Alpha™-like simple Q&A project data search capability.

Ask simple questions about your project and AsQ will search your project layers, your personal layers, 5D Smart City layers, BIM models, and databases, and help you find exactly what you are looking for in an instant. You can find anything from a street intersection to a single sensor feed from an IoT device inside a BIM model– if you just AsQ!

Cityzenith’s platform engine is based on indexing every bit of data and delivering that data in a highly-organized response, enabling AsQ to answer factual queries directly by computing answers from these indexed data using Mapalyze analytics functions.



Normalize the most complex data sets.

While our comprehensive 5D Smart City models are ready to use and feature dozens and hundred of curated data files, most AEC firms have thousands of their own project files as well, from CAD files to document specs, transmittals, site photos, and analysis models.

These proprietary project files can all be imported into 5D Smart World using Warp, and when combined with contextual data and a suite of analysis functions in a single platform, transformed into powerful decision making tools. Warp gives users the ability to import and normalize almost any 2D dataset, transforming the data set no matter how complex into something that is easy to use.

Warp can also spatially enable non-spatial datasets, by simply joining them either to existing 5D Smart City layers or files that users upload themselves. Supported common file formats:

  • Shapefiles
  • GeoJSON
  • Text
  • DWG
  • KML
  • JSON
  • DXF
  • CSV
  • XML

Warp allows users to import not only static files, but it allows users to connect to any dynamic API that supports JSON or XML. Users import and transform ArcGISTM Online datasets directly in 5D Smart World, or connect to an Oracle Spatial database and add information to BIM models, all in one place.

Connecting to an API is as simple as pasting API endpoint URLs straight into our import tool, and then Warp takes care of the rest. Even secure datasets behind OAuth or similar security protocols can be imported into Warp. Datasets can also be indexed for quick retrieval with AsQ, our search tool.



Mapalyze is a library of advanced project analytics tools, supplemented by customizable analytics development capabilities for unique needs.

Access to advanced project analytics tools, and customizable analytics development capabilities for unique needs.

Standard industry analysis tools allow users to assess solar potential, LEED ND compliance (coming soon), line of sight analysis, shadow studies, and economic development potential. Predictive analysis functions can be customized to address specific firm or project needs. Mapalyze will soon release a scriptable API that gives users the ability to author their own analytical queries and tools, and share them with other 5D Smart World users in their organizations.



Charrette is our next-gen take on collaboration methodology, and provides spatial context to all user collaboration activities inside a project or across an organization..

Next-gen collaboration methodology multiple project team members work LIVE in a single environment resulting in more efficient and productive collaboration among team members, including clients and partners.

Start conversations with teammates about buildings, layers, etc., or any object that can be visualized inside 5D Smart World, and then share these conversations with anyone in the organization.

Everything is private in 5D Smart World unless users explicitly share it with co-workers or others, affording the ability to work securely on any project safe; in the knowledge that only you and those you choose to share it with have access to your data.

Invite clients and partners to a Charrette channel and share work without having to create additional licenses. Find an interesting AsQ query or Mapalyze result? Share it with anyone in a couple clicks and start analyzing the results in real-time.

Quickly change the parameters for these queries and see the updated results immediately. Charrette quickly notifies users with updates in real-time, so whether separated by walls, floors, or geographies, design team members now have one conversation, on one platform.



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Software & Hardware Requirements


Minimum: Core i5, 4GB RAM and a video graphics card that supports WebGL.

Recommended: Core i7, 4GB RAM and a video graphics card that supports WebGL.


A non-mobile graphics card with at least 2GB of video memory.

Recommended: Core i7, 4GB RAM and a video graphics card that supports WebGL.


Internet download speed recommendations per stream:

  • 10 Mb/s - Recommended minimum for Standard User
  • 25 Mb/s - Recommended minimum for Professional User

Our 5D city models do not always cover the entire city limits but generally cover 40-80% of a city. However, for cities that appear in our cities list on our website we ensure that each user will have a 4 sq km area surrounding their project site with no extra charge. Areas of city models that we do not have in our list are charged at a low cost per sq km rate and a minimum 4 sq km order is required.