Big Data for the Built Environment,
made simple.

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Pull together data from any source, citywide.

Interact with real-time data in an intuitive 3D enviroment.

Leverage new insights to drive operational change.

Why We need Smart Cities

A global challenge

Our Early Adopters

  • Chicago
  • Amsterdam
  • Barcelona
  • San Francisco
  • London
  • Washington D.C.
  • Singapore
  • Mexico City
  • Toronto

  • A major corporate HQ, Greater Chicago
  • A major master development, Greater New York
  • A major tall building, Western Canada
  • A major university, San Francisco


Underground physical infrastructure monitoring and management

“Cities, in part, can be characterized by the events that occur each day, from responding to constituent needs to the drinking water that flows underneath your feet. All of it needs to be understood by hundreds of city employees. Cityzenith is able to bring this information together to be seen by employees. Not just data analysts, but the business experts as part of their duties.”
Tom Schenk, Chief Data Officer, City of Chicago


Stadium access and egress analysis and optimization

"In Amsterdam we have been working very intensively on Open Data for the last few years.  Now it is time for the next step, a step that we want to take with a couple of the leading cities in the world and our ambition is to help set a standard for smart city collaboration.  The aspiration is to enable citizens, entrepreneurs and visitors to make use of data which Amsterdam and our partners generate and maintain, because knowledge sharing and an open approach to public services is at the very core of the Amsterdam Economic Board and our Smart City program. With Cityzenith as our technology partner we are confident we can achieve our goals and enable collaboration with San Francisco and Barcelona."
Ger Baron, Chief Technology Officer, the City of Amsterdam


Universal dashboard for the Urban Platform

“Cityzenith’s unique 5D platform will form an important component of our Situation Room solution, and will make sharing information and experience within and between cities easier and more effective. We look forward to collaborating with San Francisco and Amsterdam, two of the most progressive global cities, to make this ambitious dream a reality and welcome cities from around the world to join our mission.”

Manel Sanroma, Chief Information Officer, Barcelona City Council

San Francisco

Building energy management and GHG emissions tracking

"Data has power to inform, to motivate and to accelerate the realization of San Francisco's goals for greenhouse gas emission reduction from the built environment. Data is also essential to catalyzing development of neighborhood scale greening through Ecodistricts, where the public and private sectors set and meet common goals. Engaging with our counterparts in cities around the world – through the Cityzenith platform and development of mobile applications – is an opportunity to pool resources and best practices, as we harness data in service to sustainability and accessibility to the public."
Melanie Nutter, Director of the San Francisco Department of the Environment


London Datastore and Opportunity Areas.

Washington D.C.

Universal WIFI and network coverage analysis.


Underground BIM and modelling.

Mexico City

Hi tech corridor.


Integrated transport system simulation

A major corporate HQ, Greater Chicago

5D Smart Campus implementation for a major for Fortune 500 company HQ. Module will consolidate facilities management, security, and energy management data in a single, web-based application for use by stakeholders at all levels throughout the organization.

A major master development, Greater New York

5D Smart World implementation for a major 10,000+ person AEC firm in North America. Module will consolidate the firm's active BIM projects into a single, web-based application that will be easily navigable and searchable by users across the firm to share and re-use best practices, eliminating redundant project research and design analysis.

A major tall building, Western Canada

5D Smart World implementation for a major developer in North America. Module will consolidate the the organization's commercial lease data, microeconomic real estate market analysis, and occupancy trend analysis to maximize financial returns from tenant contracts for each of its properties.

A major university, San Francisco

5D Smart Campus implementation for a major university. Module will consolidate the university's active BIM models into a single, web-based application that will be easily navigable and searchable by users around the university. The project will focus on extracting BIM data relevant to building energy consumption reductions needs, and encouraging individual students to take responsibility for adopting sustainable practices.

5D Smart City

Our city information management platform aggregates, analyzes, and visualizes the torrent of data produced by modern cities within an intuitive real-time 3D simulation that anyone from the mayor to the engineer in the field can easily use.


5D Smart World


5D Smart World is a living on-line 3D visual library of all of your building projects and their data—past, current, and prospective.


5D Smart Campus


5D Smart Campus aggregates all building and IoT data across an entire corporate or university campus into a single, easy-to-use 3D interface to improve operations.

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